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Silky Waves

The Waves of Love


Resting at the yin/yang horizon

where deep indigo meets

light blueness of the sky

you stretch the sail of heart

to catch the wind of beloved

and slide softly

with the waves of love.


As the air is breathing you,

kissing your nostrils

you find your invisible ways

to become light as the sea foam

sparkling in intrinsic joy

but caught by the waves of love

again and again.


As the sun is tattooing you

with passionate mercilessness

sealing its hot embrace

into your willing skin

and melting your ecstasy core …

… you have to cool yourself

in the waves of love.


You are baptized

with the sea salt crystals

absorbing the light for you,

solidifying your peace

and turning you slowly

into a naked sculpture of presence …

… just to be melted


into the ocean of the waves of love.

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