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The Divine Intoxication

It is the sun
not being the sun,
it is the light
not being the light;
it is the space
not occupying any space,
it is purity
which nothing can touch,
it is openness
far from any comprehension.

I am so much nothing
that reflections of the Light are being incessantly forgotten
leaving no traces on the pure ground. 
These reflections are flowing from this Luminosity
and dispersing into it again.
I have had to unlearn everything
and forget everything I knew
to become the Eye of the I.

Bliss is the joy of freedom being the I.
Every cell burst like a blossom from the bud,
exploding as activated energy of Life,
sparkling like a champagne
in an unobstructed celebration of beingness
transcending and embodying the form
in the same breath of Life.

This nobody and nothing
enjoys being somebody and something.
This is unconditional Love.
The sacrifice and offering of the Self
to the Self.

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