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My sister, my brother

we are here

to be a stream of Love,

a stream of Beauty

and this … this shining beam of the Light.

Remember, who is your Beloved

waiting in the Heart on you

to meet your eyes of innocence.

Through these eyes

you will recognize each other.

One glimpse will be enough

that the whole creation will be consumed

through the fire of Love.

And then … then you’ll dance on the moss as divine fool,

you’ll be hugging trees,

dragonflies will rest on your fingertips

and buzzards will intertwine silver of your thoughts,

praying to Him

while scattering gems through the sky.


My sister, my brother

this is the place also us to meet.

When we’ll look into each other’s eyes

we won’t know

who is the I and who is the You.

In this radiating field of presence

our hearts will burn, burn …

And we are going to become the sacred ash

which the Beloved will draw

on his forehead.

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